Saturday, May 8, 2010

Follow the Prophet

How can we follow the prophet if we don't know what they've counseled us to do?!? Here's the perfect chance for your family to learn. This is a quick and simple lesson. 4pm Monday afternoon? You're starting dinner and you remember: It's MONDAY! Quick! What'll we do for FHE? Well, here's a quick idea that you can pull together while that casserole cooks.

Things You'll Need: Go to and search for the name of one of our prophets. It'll bring up a list of a bunch of talks they've given or small biographies about them. Choose one and print it out.

Song: Primary Children's Songbook, Follow the Prophet, page 110.

Lesson: Read the talk or story you previously printed off. Discuss it with your family.

Activity: Make homemade Ice Cream. If you have an ice cream maker, go ahead and use that. If not, HERE is a recipe for homemade ice cream in a zippy bag! If you are doing a "mini-series" of sorts, you may have to rotate treats and activities. If you read a brief biography, find something that our prophet enjoyed doing and do it, too.

Treat: Your Homemade Ice Cream, of course!