Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother Dear

I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day on Sunday. I had every intention of doing this post then, but I ended up coming home sick from church, so that put my plans on hold. And yesterday, my husband begged me to do laundry before he left for work. Apparently, I'd been neglecting it somewhat... He was out of clothes. Oops. I forget he doesn't have as much clothing as I (and our son) do.

This FHE focuses on moms. I realize not all families have the same make-up, but for the sake of this post I'm going to use the family model of a father, mother and children. So, enough rambling, here we go!

Things You'll Need: Construction paper, pens, markers, scissors, stickers, crayons, and the like.

Song: Primary Children's Songbook, Mother I Love You, Page 207 (You moms may need some Kleenex... this one always makes me teary).

Scripture: Alma 56:47–48.

Lesson: This lesson focuses on our mothers. Look up "Mother" in the Topical Guide and read it with your family. Discuss what an important role mothers have. What are some duties of mothers? What does your mother take responsibility for in the home? In my family, my responsibilities are rather traditional: cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids while my husband goes to work. However, I have a sister-in-law that has been the one to go to work since her husband's company downsized. Her role isn't not the same as mine, but she is a stellar mother. Moms have different roles in different families, but in every family a mom is a teacher. Little children learn from watching others. And who do they have the most opportunity to watch? Their parents. And if Mom is lucky enough to get to stay at home with her little copycats, they have almost unlimited access to do as Mom does. Ask your family to share something they have learned from Mom.

Activity: Give your family 15-20 minutes to make a card for Mom out of the art supplies you previously gathered. Mom can make a card too... but she should write out the card for her mom and then mail it. How cool would that be for her mom to get a nice card in the mail?!?

Then, play a few rounds of "Mother, May I?"

Treat: I would recommend Mom's favorite dessert. Or some delicious, yummy brownies. Moms always like brownies.