Monday, August 2, 2010

Hold to the Rod

The story of Lehi's Vision is one we hear from Primary on up. Here's a fun way to bring the scriptures to life.

Things You'll Need: A ball of string or yarn. In a room where you won't be doing the lesson, wind the string out all over the room. Go around objects, under tables, over things. Make it a real obstacle course. A blindfold.

Song: Primary Children's Songbook, I'll Walk With You, Page 140.

Lesson: Read 1 Nephi Chapter 8. It's the story of the Tree of Life. Talk about the different parts of Lehi's dream. The importance of the iron rod, the mist of darkness, the tree of life, the pure white fruit, and the great and spacious building. What do each of these things represent in our lives today?

Activity: Lead your family to the room where you have set up your obstacle course. Tell them that the string is like the iron rod. Pull out the blindfold and explain that it is like the mist of darkness. Ask who wants to go first. Blindfold the first person and tell them to make their way through the room. After everyone has had a chance to complete the obstacle course, talk about the experience. Was it hard? How did it relate to Lehi's Dream?

Treat: Apple Slices and Caramel Dip.