Monday, July 19, 2010

Helping in the Home: Make It Grow

Things You'll Need: Gardening tools and gardening gloves.

Lesson: Talk with your family about the importance of keeping up with the yard work. Don't spend much time talking about it, actions speak louder than words. Talk briefly about what responsibilities there are in the yard. Mowing the lawn, weeding flowerbeds, trimming the hedges, watering the lawn and flowers.

Activity: If you live some where that the landscaping is taken care of, head to the park and pick up trash. Make sure you wear gloves to protect you from anything terribly icky. If you have a yard, head outside and spend an hour or so doing a little yard maintenance.

Treat: Make sure to reward your family well for their hard work. Chocolate pudding cups with Oreo crumbs crushed and sprinkled on top and a gummy worm or two are quite appropriate for the situation. You can take the super easy way out and buy prepackaged cups or buy an instant mix and put them in your own cups. By the way, knock-off Oreos work just as well as the real ones.