Monday, July 19, 2010


Things You'll Need: A Book of Mormon you can write your testimony in. These are $3 at Distribution Centers. Some wards give their members Books of Mormon for this purpose. Ask your bishop or missionaries if they have any you could use.

Lesson: Read Mosiah 27 together. Discuss what you are reading as you go along.

Activity: Have each member of your family write a short letter to a missionary in your ward or family. Then, as a family, write your testimony in the Book of Mormon. Decide on someone that you can share the Gospel with by giving it to them. Make sure you mail the letters and give the Book of Mormon to you chosen person/family.

Treat: Chocolate cake and milk. A Betty Crocker cake mix takes 10 minutes to mix up and then you pop it in the oven. It won't take long to frost it. A cake mix and a can of frosting is less than $5.